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The Virtual Escape Room- Ultimate Game For All Events

Virtual Escape Rooms have long been a trend as escape rooms make for an exciting addition to any occasion. Virtual Reality has only made this experience better, taking the game from physical to digital with amazing graphics and animation that will keep you on your toes throughout the entire game!...


5 key trends for the 2021 corporate Christmas Party Season

It’s fairly safe to assume that none of us have come out of a lockdown before - so it’s still somewhat difficult to make predictions on how companies might approach their end of year celebrations this season, and the impact this will have on the booking patterns and demand for Christmas...


5 Tips in Planning the Perfect Wedding

Image: Few events in life are as important as a wedding. It celebrates the union and love of a couple, after all. For this reason, planning for the affair can be more than a little overwhelming, especially if the wedding ceremony is for you and your partner. While hiring...