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5 key trends for the 2021 corporate Christmas Party Season

It’s fairly safe to assume that none of us have come out of a lockdown before - so it’s still somewhat difficult to make predictions on how companies might approach their end of year celebrations this season, and the impact this will have on the booking patterns and demand for Christmas...


How To Hire Event Company Singapore Online?

Every day there are hundreds and thousands of events that take place around us. However, what splits the difference is how these events are organized. To ease the work for the people there are present some of the best event organization companies. So if you are a resident of singapore...


The Benefits of Becoming an Entertainment Attorney

You may picture stuffy courtrooms when you think of lawyers, but attorneys such as John Branca are changing all that. Attorneys have come to play a crucial role in the entertainment industry, defending some of the world's most renowned artists. After all, musicians and filmmakers need solid negotiators to help them navigate...


How to choose the best music manager

Are you an upcoming musician, or have you been in the industry for a while? If so, you need to know how important it is to have a manager. A manager is a secret to the achievement of your career goals. A good manager will help manage your finances and offer...


5 most strange instruments

We all have heard of guitar lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons and a lot of other lessons for common instruments. But today we shall explore some instruments which are not so common, rather they are so unique that some of them will leave you awestruck. Let us look at some...


What is Involved with Booking Talent in Hollywood?

Auditioning is an essential part of any aspiring actor’s life. Ironically, however, before you can audition for parts, you need to audition for a booking talent agency. There being more actors, models, singers, etc. than there are gigs, it’s important to get signed by a good talent agency to get...


Learn More About “Hourman” From DC’s Stargirl

DC Comics has become well known for the number of successful television series it has created over the last decade. Fans everywhere have raved about programs like Green Arrow and Doom Patrol. And now a new series has joined the growing list of hits. Stargirl is a story that follows high school student Courtney Whitmore as she...

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