The Benefits of Becoming an Entertainment Attorney

You may picture stuffy courtrooms when you think of lawyers, but attorneys such as John Branca are changing all that. Attorneys have come to play a crucial role in the entertainment industry, defending some of the world’s most renowned artists. After all, musicians and filmmakers need solid negotiators to help them navigate the business side of the arts.

Whether you’re a young lawyer or a seasoned veteran, the entertainment industry offers the promise of something new. Are you ready to explore another area of the law? Then it’s time to consider the benefits of becoming an entertainment attorney.

The Experiences

You won’t find a more diverse legal field than the one in the entertainment industry. From musicians to television stars, you can represent some of the biggest names in pop culture. Sometimes artists struggle to find people they can trust. As an entertainment attorney, not only will you serve as a source of support, but you also have the chance to know a big-name star on a more personal level.

Attorney John Branca, for example, developed a long-time connection with Michael Jackson. If fun and fulfillment are what you’re looking for, then this is the position for you.

The Opportunities

The entertainment industry offers fresh experiences, but you still get to expand your legal knowledge. Negotiate music contracts, safeguard intellectual property, and assist your clients in disputes. Entertainment isn’t all fun in games, especially when it comes to the money involved. The landscape may look different from a typical lawyer’s career path, yet you can continue to develop your understanding of the law.

The Dreams

If you’re afraid of selling your soul to the entertainment industry, then rest assured knowing this sector has room for idealists too. Working in areas such as film and music enables you to influence some of the most essential parts of everyday culture. Find artists and figures within the industry who share your beliefs. Over time, you can work with them to initiate visible change that takes on greater meaning.

L.A. attorney Jaia Thomas has taken this strategy to heart, impacting the entertainment sector with her vision of diversity. Those with imagination know how to make the law work for them, so consider entertainment attorneys if you want to see your big ideas turned into action.

Becoming a lawyer doesn’t have to be the stifling experience that many people think it is. Join attorneys like Branca in following the path less traveled, and you’ll have the chance to pursue an extraordinary life.

Alvan Flint
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