What is the best entertainment to engage from a Corporate Events Company in Singapore?

Look here! The year-end celebrations have arrived, and all your colleagues, including yourself, are on a holiday mood right now! You have worked hard to for your company, and this is now the time to take a break, loosen up, and enjoy yourselves!

Next, your biggest boss just threw you a challenging task – You are now the chief planner for your company’s upcoming corporate event. What should you do?

Corporate events are a way to bring people together and create a connection. They can be used as a tool for employee engagement and employee retention.

You need to view this very seriously because this is something that many people do not understand. At the end of the corporate event, it can only go two ways – You get a pat on your back and expect a good promotion or everyone judges you for screwing up the event.

The above-written scenario is some of the biggest headaches that most corporate employees face when they are planning for a corporate event. They do not know how to do it as they are not professional, and they do not know what to expect!

Don’t worry! Because this is why you are reading this article! For that, this is where we come into play for planning for a corporate event!

Some of the best ways to plan for your corporate event is by having an extraordinary entertainment event that you can have! There are many different kinds of entertainment available for corporate events. Some of them include having Jugglers, some include circus acts, and some include clowns to lighten the atmosphere.

But one thing you can always find that can never go wrong is to engage corporate events to live band for your company’s annual event! For that, this is one thing you can never go wrong with, and it is one that you can consider getting when you engage a corporate events company Singapore organizer.

Below, we will list down the reasons why a live band is the best entertainment for your corporate event:

1) Live bands in Corporate Events bring joy to people

Yes, you heard us, right! Live bands bring joy when people hear their favourite music that the band is playing on stage. Singers and musicians are some of the most passionate people on earth. They are the ones that will always sing their hearts out for everyone that is listening to them.

When you see the laughter and smiles on everyone’s faces, that is when you know that everyone is having a great time listening to all the music that the live band is performing. What better way to enjoy excellent music with great food on the table?

One of the best ways to complement your night is to have live music playing at the background when you have excellent dinner food served. Having so will bring the most intimate setting of your night, coupled with great music you can hear from your corporate live band!

2) There will be Song Dedication Slips for everyone to dedicate songs

Do you have a childhood favourite song that you have always wanted to listen to live? Do you have pieces that bring unforgettable memories to you at certain junctures of your life? And do you and a song you love to sing?

For all the pointers listed above, you can be sure that a Corporate Events Company Singapore Organizer who engages a live band for your corporate event will be sure to address everything.

The live band will be performing all these songs for you and your guests that will be present, and this will immediately liven up the entire atmosphere of the night!

Take a look at your bosses’ faces. Are they smiling when they hear their favourite tunes that the singers are singing on stage? If they are smiling, you know that they are happy, which in turn, your promotion is next up on the line!

3) Live Bands are highly engaging entertainers

Many people often ask – what is the difference between playing Spotify music during a Corporate event, and getting live musicians singing their hearts out during the same event?

The difference is enormous. Trust us.

For the record, if you are expecting the singer just to sing and not do any interaction, then you are wrong.

Singers and musicians do not just sing on stage. They interact. They will do their best to engage the audience to sing along with them, and also to clap to the song’s tempo and beat. If in any case where they can do, even more, they will even get your guests down to the dance floor to sing and dance together with everyone!

Image the night where all your colleagues and bosses get down to the dance floor and start dancing the night away. Won’t that be a very happy sight for you? For that, this is when you know you have done a great job in your planning, and you have engaged the right corporate events company Singapore organizer!

Remember this: getting the right company to manage your event is key to the success of your whole deal!

4) They are not expensive, and they bring the best pricing for you

Do you know how much does a photographer cost if you engage them through your events company Singapore organizer? It costs upwards of $2000 and above.

Do you know how much is a Videographer, it’s also above $2000.

Do you know how much is your food caterer? It can go up to tens of thousands.

Now, do you know how much does it cost to engage a live band for your corporate events company Singapore organizer?

You got it right! It is below the cost of $2000. Can you believe that it is cheap to engage them? What is before this is not just it! You will also get a superior premium sound system that makes the band sound crystal clear, and it sounds like you have gotten many sounds for you to sing!

Now  that you know how cheap is it to engage a live band for your event, are you going to get your events company Singapore organizer to find a great band for you?

I’m sure the answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?


Planning for a corporate event is always a massive headache. Your entire rice bowl is on the line, and your bosses and colleagues will judge you. Imagine if you have been doing it badly, how will it reflect on you?

Entertainment for your company’s corporate event is the most important thing to look out for this thing. The right entertainment can make or break your entire event, and it can mean the great success or failure of it.

If you are looking for a great live band for your corporate event company in Singapore, you can be sure to count on this company called Musical Touch.

They are an events company in Singapore, with a considerable number of singers musicians. They have also performed for over 2000 events to date, and they are rated as one of the best companies to provide live music.

Just head on to their google ratings to check out their reviews left behind by their happy clients. You will know that they have been doing a great job as they have many testimonials on their google page!

So, if you are planning for great entertainment for your corporate event, do remember to get your events company Singapore organizer to engage a tremendous Live Band for your event!

Trust us, getting a live band will undoubtedly make a massive difference to your show.

Take care and happy planning! With the advises we have given above, we are very sure that you will be able to get the best corporate entertainment for your guests that everyone loves!

Don’t you agree? Yes, we believe you do!

Alvan Flint
the authorAlvan Flint