All The Occasions for Where A Stripper Would Make It More Fun

Everyone knows you could hire the best strippers in Perth for a hen’s night or a 21st birthday party, but this isn’t the only occasion where a stripper would enhance the party. If you’re searching for a great way to entertain your guests, strippers are a fantastic option.

Here are some of the parties to consider calling the strippers for.

Milestone Birthdays

Having strippers come to a 40th or 50th birthday party is a great idea. You can outdo anyone who gifted the birthday person prunes juice or dentures and provide proper entertainment. Just make sure you know how many people are coming to the party, and that the host is okay with having strippers at their venue.

Retirement Parties

Office-signed gift cards are a usual occurrence, but the strippers won’t be. When your office throws a party offsite for a retiring worker, it’s a great idea to amp up the party with a stripper. When done right, they might even reconsider their decision and return to work for the sole purpose of throwing another retirement party!

Christmas Party

 Why depend on Santa to spread holiday cheer when you can get his naughtiest helpers to do that job for him? Girls in sexy holiday costumes will add some glitz and elevate your usual boring Christmas party to something unforgettable.

AFL Parties

With female strippers, your next AFL party will be more memorable. When they perform for a pre-or post-game show, hot female strippers dressed as cheerleaders will always be appreciated. This is a great idea if you want to provide a better variety of entertainment for your sports party.

Uni  Parties

If you’re throwing this year’s biggest end-of-semester party, hiring strippers will be the thrill of the night. Not only will the strippers provide fun and varied entertainment, but they can be hired to do a variety of activities such as waitressing, hosting games and more. This means the party will come across as more professional, and no one will forget it in a hurry.

Going Away

Whether it’s a friend or co-worker leaving the workplace or going away, a surprise stripper event will make the whole party more fun and bittersweet.

Coming Home

A coming home party is the complete opposite of a leaving party. Homecomings from school or tips abroad will be made even more fun and joyous with the addition of a stripper.

Poker Parties

Have a bikini or topless dealer for your next poker party to take it to the next level. While she shuffles the cards, the guest will enjoy looking at her stacked deck. After the games, the guys will enjoy the option to use their winnings for lap dances and tips.

Practical Joke

If you have a friend who has already played a prank on you, and you want to get them back, a surprise stripper can be the type of joke that doesn’t get you in trouble, just make sure everything is done safely and you’re set.

Hens & Bucks Party

For bachelorette parties, it’s always a good idea to get together with the girls to look at sex toys and slinky lingerie. It will be more memorable if male strippers entertain the ladies with some steamy entertainment. On the other hand, for bachelor nights, the strippers will make the drinks flow faster.

Who should you choose?

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