What Is the Psychology Behind Magic, that We All Love It?

Most of us must have seen a magic show as a child and also as an adult, and at every age, we must have enjoyed the magic event. There may hardly be any individual who does not love to see any kind of such magic performance.

An experienced magician can spellbind his audiences with his craft and people whether he happens to be a child, a teenager, young adults or even old men will definitely enjoy the show and would love to attend such shows.

Why do we all love to see a magic show? Did you ever ponder about the reason? What is the psychology behind the magic event? Let us try to find the answer in this post.

The magician can create a certain mystery

We are all used to seeing various things happening in the real world and such things may always not be too exciting for us. However, a magician can create in his show certain things that can be beyond our expectations.

Our brain is so wired that we always love to imagine certain mysteries within our minds. However, when a magic performer creates the same before our eyes, then naturally we tend to love it. We can see certain impossible things happening before our eyes.

Fantasy is always more attractive as compared to reality

Who does not love a fantasy? We all imagine that inside our minds and wish that it should happen in reality. When a magician with his great craft performs certain impossible tasks ceaselessly then we find it more attractive than reality.

We may be young teenager or an experienced adult, but we love to imagine fantasy which is always more attractive. A magician can create such fantasy in his shows and hence we all love to see it again and again.

We always try to imagine certain magic happening in our lives.

Magic reminds us of our childhood days

No matter what our age is, the child within us is still alive. Even at an old age, we love to remember the sweet memories of our childhood days.

When we attend any magic show, it will bring back our old memories of childhood days when we must have enjoyed a similar show and laughed a lot with our friends.

Hire an experienced magician

If you are planning to organize any event or celebration then consider hiring an experienced magician to make your event lively and entertaining.

Our brain is so wired that all of us expect certain magic to happen in our lives and such magic shows will simply reinforce our imagination. Therefore, regardless of our age, everyone here would enjoy going to a certain magic show whenever it was offered.


Young and old alike like magic. It can assist us in escaping from our everyday lives and imagining a certain fantasy that we can see actually occurring during the magic show. Magic shows offer an opportunity to come out from our real life and enjoy the fantasy.

Alvan Flint
the authorAlvan Flint